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Blue Custom Dream Tea Tea Tin
USDA Organic Green Tea
USDA Organic Mint Tea
USDA Organic Orange Tea
USDA Organic Rose Tea
Our Founder holding a custom Dream Tea tea blend of black tea with Osmanthus and Vanilla in our Pink tea tin

Hi, We're
Dream Tea!

We believe in exceptional tea. That’s why everything we do works towards making the best tea in the world accessible. The result is more fun, more personal, more creative, and, of course, more delicious.

Experimenting with different custom blends of USDA Organic Dream Tea
Our founder holding a Dream Tea tea blend in our Blue tea tin personalized with "Me" as the name

Dreamed up by a woman who wouldn't settle for less than exact cup of tea she wanted.

If you're anything like me (and I'm sure you are!), tea is a way to destress, relax, and unwind after a tough day. It's self-care in a cup! It helps us feel present in a moment and gives us the space to take a step back and dream about the future.

So have fun and create a blend that feels and tastes right to you. I can't wait to see what you dream up!

Anney Norton
CEO + Founder

Try one of Anney's faves!

The Dreamer's Blend

For Besties

The 8PM Blend

La Vie en Rose





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average rating is 5 out of 5

"I was surprised at how much tea I got (not that I’m complaining!) and every cup is so delicious (not sharing!!) Highly recommend!"

Hatty K.

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Pouring an iced USDA Organic custom tea blend with a black tea base

Setting a new standard for tea

We did the heavy lifting so you can have fun! We poured our energy into perfecting our ratios and creating a seamless experience for you to dream up your favorite cup of tea. We expertly blend your tea and get it to you in under two weeks!

A Custom Dream Tea blend with USDA Oragnic Green Tea, Rose, Lavender, and Ginger
USDA Organic Logo

The best, highest quality ingredients

We test dozens of ingredients and suppliers to ensure you only get the best USDA organic ingredients. At Dream Tea, we know quality is something you can taste and feel. Our teas are delicious, fragrant, fresh, flavorful, and blended to order.

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