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A Cup of USDA Oragnic Dream Tea Mint Tea

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A USDA Organic Dream Tea Blend with Green Tea and Rose

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A USDA Organic Tea Field

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Custom Blends are our most popular and signature product. You select a USDA organic tea base, up to 3 USDA organic flavorings and you blend strength to make a unique, custom blend of tea (there are thousands of possible combinations!). Once you've created a tea blend, you can personalize your tea label by selecting a tea tin color, naming your blend and adding a wish for how you envision your blend tasting or a feeling you hope drinking it will evoke (for example Love or Dreams). You can start creating your Custom Blend here.

Exclusively on our website ( You can create a Custom Blend or purchase a preset, Curated Blend.

We only ship to addresses within the United States.

We do offer promos! To be up to date on our most recent promos, make sure to sign up for our newsletter (hint there might even be a promo waiting in your inbox when you sign up!).

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Our Founder holding a Custom Blend in a Dream Tea Blue Tin

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A USDA Organic Dream Tea Blend with Black Tea, Rose, and Orange


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Pouring a USDA organic Dream Tea black tea tea blend into a clear mug

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Our founder holding a mug of custom Dream Tea tea

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A USDA Organic Dream Tea Blend with Green Tea, Rose, Mint, and Orange

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A USDA organic tea farm


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